Jason Tomaino

Jason's curiosity in learning about health and the body led him to the International Professional School of Bodywork (IPSB), where he discovered Thai Massage during his Holistic Health Practitioners Program. After completing the 60-hour Thai Massage concentration he was inspired assist Kristina to get deeper into the practice and learn as much as possible. He has now logged 1,000 hours as an assistant at IPSB, the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and the Esalen Institute. Deepening his knowledge he traveled to Thailand to study the Thai Acupressure system with Noam Tyroler in 2011. Jason practices and teaches Thai Massage with a compassionate and open heart. He believes this art has a strong purpose and benefits all who are open to learning.


For more information contact Kristina: kristina@karunathaibodywork.com, 858-449-2418