Kristina embodies the spirit of Thai bodywork and healing.  She is a dedicated student, practitioner, and teacher of the work.  She excels in all three of these aspects.  Additionally, she has contributed to the growing body of writing on the subject of therapeutic Thai bodywork.  It is hard to exaggerate Kristina's passion for this work and her commitment to respecting the traditions and those who have gone before her. 

-Richard Gold

Kristina is a gifted, knowledgeable, and caring instructor of Thai massage.  She brings all of her experiences and generously guides the student while inspiring the learning process with her passionate enthusiasm for the healing arts.  She has the rare ability to break down and simplify movements into cohesive and understandable language and demonstration.  This approach allows the student to grow and explore and develop into their unique way while staying true to their ancestry and movement of Thai massage.  I have been blessed to have Kristina as my teacher and guide for Thai level 1 &2 and she has inspired me along the path of bodywork and the healing arts.  



Kristina Eberle is a wonderful instructor of Traditional Thai medicine.  Her 20+ years of expertise and mastery in this craft helped me to learn and understand such a beautiful modality. Her knowledge is quite intensive and leaks into every facet of her instruction.  She is very patient, and her passion for the work radiates from her core, inspiring her students to continue their own journey into the embodiment of traditional Thai medicine.  A very positive energy throughout your learning process, I am a great traditional Thai therapist because Kristina has molded her teaching style into a form that practically anyone will find extremely valuable. 

-Gretchen Daun