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Traditional Thai Bodywork

for Neck, Shoulders, Lower Body

Therapeutic Applications

40 Hours

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Intro to Thai Bodywork

40 Hours

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Workshops with Kristina

Beginning to Advanced

Traditional Thai Energy Bodywork

Blockages along energy pathways create pain, fatigue and immobility in the human body. Traditional Thai bodywork is a combination of slow rhythmic palm pressing movements combined with detailed work along specific energy pathways (sen lines), traditionally used to open blockages and create free flowing energy in the body. Thai bodywork is complete whole body energetic healing system applied to the recipient with the intention of reducing pain and suffering from their lives. It is a 2500 year old healing system that has evolved from the Buddhist tradition and is considered to be the practical application of compassion and loving kindness. In this 15 hour workshop we will begin to explore Traditional Thai bodywork from the energetic aspect. We will be focusing on the neck and shoulders, learning where the energy pathways travel as well as specific point combinations to relieve chronic and acute orthopedic disorders. We will learn to use palms, elbows, thumbs, fingers, knees, and feet to work these energy lines and points. We will also focus on complimentary stretches to further enhance the movement of energy along these pathways. After completion of this workshop, you will be able to confidently locate sen pathways and specific points, as well as begin to sense energy blockages along these pathways. You will also be able to perform specific stretches on your recipients using correct body mechanics to help facilitate the opening of energy blockages in the body.

Taste of Thai Bodywork

15 hours

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